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Staff Directory

All staff are listed in alphabetical order by last name.  Voice mail boxes may be accessed by dialing (816)986.1499.


Staff Member Subject / Responsibility E-Mail Prefix Voice Mail
Emily Aldenderfer Modern Language emily.aldenderfer 7808
Lynn Bachman Learning Specialist lynn.bachman 7292
Carol Baltz Principal’s Secretary carol.baltz 1381
Stacy Barbee Mathematics stacy.barbee 7554
Shery Batliner Registrar shery.batliner 1378
Christy Beavers
Speech and Theatre
christy.beavers 8284
Leesa Bichsel Instructional Evaluation Specialist leesa.bichsel 1396
Becki Bickelhaupt Family and Consumer Science becki.bickelhaupt 8877
Shannon Boland Science shannon.boland 8674
Rick Brewer Physical Education richard.brewer 8290
Rod Brewer Science rod.brewer 8291
Christie Brown Library Media Specialist christie.brown 1393
Christi Buller Paraprofessional christi.buller
Brian Campbell
Broadcasting and Video Technology / Speech and Theatre
brian.campbell 8296
Jill Carpenter Paraprofessional jill.carpenter
Damon Carr Social Studies damon.carr 8673
Julie Carver Physical Education julie.carver 7384
Jonathon Cobb Building Manager jonathon.cobb 1411
Kali Cornell Mathematics  kali.cornell 7503
Heather Crain Health heather.crain 8353
Teri Curp Business / SMARTS teri.curp 8731
Holly Dahn Music holly.dahn  8145
Ruth Dale Mathematics ruth.dale 8696
Tamara Davidson Science tamara.davidson 7738
Toni Drecktrah Lead Counselor toni.drecktrah 1388
Niki Evert Science niki.evert 7822
Teresa Feagans Building Clerk  teresa.feagans 1409
Chris Fellows Social Studies chris.fellows 8090
Meghan Forbes Modern Language meghan.forbes 7001
Brian Freeborn Art brian.freeborn 7261
Shannon Gallaher  English Language Arts shannon.gallaher 8087
Kelsi Galloway Physical Education kelsi.galloway 8790
Bob Gard Business / SMARTS bob.gard 8746
Katie Gaylord Library Media Clerk katie.gaylord 1392
Julie Gerling Social Studies julie.gerling 7452
Ibby Griffin English Language Arts elizabeth.griffin 8800
Beth Groom English Language Arts beth.groom 7467
Michael Haase Social Studies michael.haase 8367
Kathy Hall Focus Room Facilitator kathryn.hall 7881
Missy Hanner Nutrition Services Manager missy.hanner 1400
Karen Henley  Speech/Language Pathologist karen.henley 7845
Heidi Hicks Art heidi.hicks
Marilyn Higgins  Interpreter marilyn.higgins  7212
Ken Hill In School Suspension Supervisor ken.hill  1408
Lana Hillier Attendance Secretary lana.hillier 1377
Kirk Hipple Assistant Principal kirk.hipple 1384
Emily Hobbs English Language Arts emily.hobbs 8316
Hollie Holcomb Health Room Clerk hollie.holcomb 1379
Dawn Holder Learning Specialist dawn.holder 8009
Joe Hollingsworth Social Studies joe.hollingsworth 7354
Carolyn Hooper Mathematics carolyn.hooper 8318
Jon Huntley Mathematics jon.huntley 8460
Teresa Hutton Paraprofessional teresa.hutton
Liz Jeffries Mathematics liz.jeffries 7588
Deborah Jenkins  Nurse deborah.jenkins 1379
Gina Johnson Science gina.johnson 7540
Mindy Klehr Site Technology Specialist mindy.klehr 1398
Bryant Knapp Music bryant.knapp 7937
Sue Lamb Mathematics sue.lamb 7602
Tonya Landes English Language Arts tonya.landes 8702
Renee Lange Learning Specialist renee.lange 7809
Cindy Lee Occupational Therapist cindy.lee  7231
Liang-May Lee Modern Language liang-may.lee 7345
Tim Lewis Physical Education tim.lewis 8983
Ellie Lilly  Social Studies  8053
Kirsten Lovelace Mathematics Specialist kirsten.lovelace 8332
Trichelle Martin Paraprofessional trichelle.martin
Sara Mayes Counselor sara.mayes 1387
Sheri McCallum Learning Specialist sheri.mccallum 7502
Carmen McElroy Paraprofessional carmen.mcelroy
Shelly McGovern Learning Specialist shelly.mcgovern 7078
Missy Michaelson-Gard Art michelle.michaelson-gard 8389
David Mitchell Principal david.mitchell  1380
Christine Mize  Community Liason christine.mize 1420
Dr. Whitney Morehead Assistant Principal whitney.morehead 1384
Jennifer Morgan Science jennifer.morgan 8902
Shane Morris Industrial Technology shane.morris 8210
Jennie Mullenax Learning Specialist jennie.mullenax 7451
Jenna Nelson Science jenna.nelson 7787
Jenna Patrick English Language Arts jenna.patrick 7581
Suzanne Patterson Mathematics suzanne.patterson 8115
Stacy Patton Student Administration Secretary stacy.patton 1384
Cheryl Peterson Technology Specialist cheryl.peterson  1394
Michelle Powell Learning Specialist michelle.powell 7116
Rachel Powers Paraprofessional rachel.powers
Shahr Rezaiekhaligh Social Studies shahr.reza 7195
Gail Rowland Music gail.rowland 8640
Stephanie Russell English Language Arts stephanie.russell
Assane Sam  Modern Language assane.sam 8973
Lori-Lin Shipman Modern Language lori-lin.shipman 8327
Jennifer Shreve Learning Specialist jennifer.shreve 8649
Kristine Smith Science kristine.smith 7463
Rick Smith Industrial Technology rick.smith 8703
Bonnie Stevens Modern Language bonnie.stevens 7510
Tiara Surface English Language Arts tiara.surface 8688
Missy VanDeusen Family and Consumer Science missy.vandeusen 7466
Michael Walker Social Studies michael.walker 7638
Jennifer J. Wilson Learning Specialist jenniferj.wilson 7121
Jennifer M. Wilson Paraprofessional jm.wilson
Juli Wingert Reading Specialist juli.wingert 8610
Rodger Wolverton Health rodger.wolverton  8887
Officer Clarinda Woods School Resource Officer clarinda.woods
Krystal Wygas Hearing Impaired Specialist krystal.wygas 7125