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If my child enrolls in the R7OL Academy for next year, will he/she be able to take either band or orchestra in-person at SLMS? 
Yes.  While I mentioned in the enrollment video that the R7OL Academy will operate as a separate program next year, students can elect to take either band or orchestra in-person.  Band or orchestra are the only two such offerings that would be available for students to take in person while signed up for the R7OL program.  If choosing this option, transportation will be the responsibility of the student’s family as no district transportation will be provided.

I have heard that high school students can choose a blended schedule for next year – meaning they can take some of their courses online and some in-person?
This is true for high school students only.  As stated above, the only courses available for middle school 2021-22 R7OL families to select in-person would be either band or orchestra. 

How will student lockers be assigned?
Each student is assigned a hall locker to secure supplies and personal belongings while at school.  Lockers are randomly assigned to all students by their Homeroom teacher .  Students will receive either a top or a bottom locker.  In rare situations where, due to student height, a bottom or tall locker is problematic, Homeroom teachers will work with our guidance department to make a switch if possible.

Will my student have to dress out for physical education?
In a traditional school year, which we are anticipating next year, yes.  7th and 8th grade will need to plan on dressing out for PE classes next fall.  Uniforms for PE classes are available for purchase during the summer online enrollment window.

I would like for my child to take an advanced course but he/she was not recommended by their current teacher – what options do we have? 
It is strongly encouraged that families follow the recommendation of their child’s current teachers when selecting courses.  Over the years, we have most often found these recommendations to be an accurate placement for students.  Families of students who did not receive a recommendation for enrollment in Advanced Studies (AS) course(s), may request a waiver from their current classroom teacher.  Waivers can also be picked up in the counseling office.

Can/Should a student take all four Advanced Studies (AS) classes?
Students who have been recommended for all four AS classes, and have a strong interest in all of them, can take all four.  There may be more independent work. 

Will not taking Advanced Studies courses in 7th grade affect what I can take in 8th grade?
The only course that is affected by this is Math. 8th grade Advanced Studies math is Algebra and does receive a high school elective credit. The other core classes (ELA, Social Studies, Science), will have recommendations again for 8th grade, and a choice can be made.

If I have never taken a band or strings class, but want to, can I sign up for 7th grade? 
Yes, a student who has never been in band or strings, may sign up for 7th grade. Also, if a student stopped playing, but wants to rejoin in 7th grade, he/she may do so.

What time can I drop off/pick up my student?  
Students are not allowed in the building until 7:15 am.  Unless a student is staying after school for a supervised activity they must ride the bus or be picked up by 2:35 pm.

What are the academic requirements for students to participate in athletics & activities?
Students will automatically be eligible for their 1st quarter of 7th grade.  Students however shall not fail more than 1 class to be eligible for participation the next quarter.  In addition grade checks will be done during the athletic/activity season approximately every 2 weeks to ensure students are in good academic standing.  Those who have more than 1 failing grade will not be eligible to compete until they are passing all but 1 class.  Students are able to practice during this time.  

What are the citizenship requirements for students to participate in athletics & activities?
Students will automatically be eligible for their 1st quarter of 7th grade. Students must maintain good citizenship behavior standards each quarter to be eligible for sports/activities the next quarter.

What is MSHSAA?
Missouri State High School Activities Association which is the governing body for middle school and high school sport/activities in the state of Missouri.

What does it cost to participate in any MSHSAA sport/activity?
Students wishing to participate in any MSHSAA sponsored activity/sport will be charged $25 for yearly participation. A maximum participation fee of $50/family will be charged for participating in activities/sports.

If my student is on an IEP, what classes will they take in 7th grade?
Each student on an IEP will have a transition meeting with their elementary IEP team and Mrs. Bichsel, the Instructional Evaluation Specialist at SLMS.  Classes for 7th grade will be determined by the team based on each student’s current services.  Please contact your student’s current case manager or Mrs. Bichsel if you have any questions. 

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