Self-worth and a sense of belonging are very basic social and emotional needs of middle school students. The Homeroom Teacher/Advisor program provides a setting that strives to meet these needs. This program emphasizes the human relationship skills required for positive interactions.
In Homeroom, students have the opportunity to participate in activities designed to develop positive self-image, improve study skills, better peer relationships, and learn cooperative participation and other skills needed to be successful. Homeroom also provides a time for teachers, referred to as teacher/advisors, to be aware of the academic and social progress of their advisees and to interact with them individually. A contact card communication system keeps the teacher/advisor informed and profiles each student’s progress. In addition to advisement activities, Homeroom provides a time for student business, school elections, intramural activities, and other special events. Homeroom takes place each Monday from 8:20 – 8:40 a.m.

Homeroom Teacher/Advisor Program Objectives:

•To meet the social and emotional needs of students.
•To encourage student-involvement to develop a sense of dignity and worth.

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