Back to School Night

We look forward to meeting with our SLMS parents/guardians at our Back-to-School Night Thursday, August 26.  We are asking that only one adult per student attend to help with social distancing. Students should not attend as the evening is geared towards meeting with parents/guardians and providing information about your child’s upcoming year at SLMS.  Attendees will be following their child’s schedule during the evening.  Your student’s schedule with a map will be provided to you during Homeroom.  Upon entering the building, please report to your child’s Homeroom class.  Staff will be available to help direct you to the correct location.  Due to continued JCHD guidelines, all visitors and staff will be required to wear a mask the entire evening.  For those unable to attend, teacher slide presentations/handouts will be available on our SLMS webpage ( by afternoon of Friday, August 27.  Parking will be available on the north and south sides of SLMS as well as the LSR7 Aquatic Center, and Trailridge Elementary School.

We look forward to meeting and sharing with you at this year’s Back-to-School Night.  Your involvement and partnership with the school is valued as we work together to meet the needs of each student.


Dr. David Mitchell

Principal, Summit Lakes Middle School

8 min periods & 5 min passing time

6:30 – 6:40


6:40 – 6:45

Passing time

6:45 – 6:53

1st Hour

6:53 – 6:58

Passing time

6:58 – 7:06

2nd Hour

7:06 – 7:11

Passing time

7:11– 7:19

3rd Hour

7:19 – 7:24

Passing time

7:24 – 7:32

4th Hour

7:32 – 7:37

Passing time

7:37 – 7:45

5th Hour

7:45 – 7:50

Passing time

7:50 – 7:58

6th Hour

7:58 – 8:03

Passing time

8:03 – 8:11

7th Hour

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