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Learning Outside the Classroom Belief Statement

We believe it is essential to give students the opportunity to extend learning outside the classroom.  
Research supports our belief that such opportunities should be:
Meaningful Assignments are directly tied to classroom learning.
Worthwhile Assignments result in increased learning equivalent to the time invested.
Beneficial Assignments are helpful for success today and in the future.
Balanced Assignments consider students’ individual needs, outside commitments, and family lives.
Diverse Assignments are designed to practice, preview, create, and/or extend learning.
These opportunities become most effective when:
Staff Members:
  • provide quality assignments,
  • explain clearly the purpose and instructions for assignments,
  • provide timely, appropriate feedback,
  • communicate with parents and other teachers, and
  • hold students accountable to ensure learning.
  • record assignments and utilize their plan books,
  • keep materials organized,
  • commit to a regular study time and place conducive to learning,
  • ask questions when necessary and improve self-advocacy skills,
  • practice academic integrity,
  • complete assignments with their best efforts, and
  • meet due dates.
  • establish and support a regular study time and place conducive to learning,
  • stay well-informed and communicate with staff and students consistently,
  • encourage students to complete assignments independently and with their best efforts, and
  • assist students in learning to self-advocate.