Principal’s Update

After just a couple of days, it has sure felt “right” to have all in-person students back in the building. I am proud of the cooperation displayed by our students as they have been asked to resume normal schooling under continued abnormal circumstances.

Those who are bringing their child to school have endured much heavier than usual traffic, particularly in the morning. Some of this is the result of the recent frigid weather which, has historically, caused delays with our traffic in and out of the building. Below are a couple of reminders that can help to keep things moving in the morning:

  • We are staggering the unloading and release of buses in an effort to not clog up traffic.
  • Please yield to buses at stop signs and, while waiting, please allow buses ample space to make the turn.
  • Pull forward into each of the designated loading/unloading areas. Completely pulling forward in each loading zone allows more students to unload at a time.
  • Make sure your child is prepared to exit the vehicle once you have pulled into the loading/unloading area.
  • For student safety, please do not allow your child to unload in the parking lot and instead wait until you are in the designated unloading area.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with these requests. There will continue to be congestion in the mornings but hopefully, these reminders will help things run a little more efficiently.

Stay warm, safe and enjoy your upcoming extended weekend. As always, thank you for all you do to support SLMS and your middle school child.


David Mitchell

Principal, SLMS

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