School Dance Guidelines


Winter and Spring Dance Guidelines

The Summit Lakes will host a Winter Dance and a Spring Dance. We want these to be special events for all eligible students. We want to emphasize that these are middle school dances, and not prom-type activities. Our Summit Lakes Middle School Mission Statement says, “Our mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate program which promotes the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth of our middle level students.” Consistent with this philosophy, we ask your cooperation in helping students adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Only eligible students from Summit Lakes may attend the dance or be on school grounds.

2. No limousines.

3. Formal wear is discouraged for our evening dances. Nice school or dressy clothes are appropriate for both girls and boys. Dresses with see-through materials, bare-midriff, backless (exposes skin below the bra line), strapless or one-strap, revealing hemlines, low-cut or any dress styles that promote inappropriate skin exposure will not be allowed. Boys must wear collared shirts and slacks or jeans. No shorts will be allowed. Students who do not abide by these dress code expectations will be required to change to clothing that meets the dress code or they will be sent home.

4. Appointments for hair styling, nails, tanning, etc. scheduled during the school day will be unexcused. Credit will be lost for class periods missed under those circumstances.

5. Students must meet eligibility requirements and abide by attendance regulations described in the Summit Lakes student handbook.

6. Student behavior will be expected to reflect participation in a special school event. Inappropriate behavior, including horseplay, pushing, and running will not be tolerated, and discipline consequences and removal from the event may occur.

The Summit Lakes Student Council and PTA plan the dances, including decorations, refreshments, a photographer, and a DJ. We appreciate your support in making this a successful middle school event.



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