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School Day Links

a traffic cone in the foreground and a school bus in the background

Bus Stops

Find bus route information.

a paper planner with sticky notes

Class Schedule

View the SLMS class schedule.

a paper lunch bag, apple and sandwich

Lunch Menus

See breakfast and lunch menus.

Afterschool Links

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Athletics & Activities

Explore extracurricular activities.

computer keyboard

Technology Support

Find Chromebook support.

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Online Grades

View Online Grades.

Suggested School Supply List:

  • Earbuds/headphones (Chromebook compatible)
  • 2”, 3-ring binder
  • Supply pouch
  • Double sided ruler
  • 1 pkg loose leaf paper
  • 10 dividers with tabs
  • 2 pkgs pencils
  • Red checking pens
  • Blue or black ink pens
  • 1 pkg colored pencils
  • Highlighters (yellow, pink, & green)
  • 1 block eraser (white recommended)
  • 2 pkg dry erase markers (large recommended)
  • Ultra-fine point black Sharpie (2 recommended)
  • Scientific calculator (TI-30XS multi-view recommended, available for purchase from the school)
  • 1 pkg sticky notes (3” x 3” recommended)
  • 2 pkg 3”x 5” index cards (lined recommended)
  • Glue sticks (4+ recommended)
  • 2 boxes of tissue

Required items available through Online Enrollment

  • $25.00 Mobile Device Fee (Chromebooks will be handed out on the first day of school)
  • $16.00 Scientific calculator TI-30XS Multi-view (offered through SLMS, but may be purchased elsewhere)
  • $25.00 MSHSSA Sports/Activities Fee for all athletes and Scholar Bowl competitors
  • FREE Mid-Continent Public Library card

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